OSA ANU student chapter travelling lecturer– Prof. Mikhail Belkin

On the 15th September the ANU student chapter of the OSA hosted Prof. Mikhail Belkin, from the University of Texas at Austin, as an OSA travelling lecturer.  In his talk on “Photonic devices based on quantum-engineered nonlinear metamaterials” he described how his group uses inter-sub-band transition semiconductor heterostructures to make practical photonic devices.

These devices have functionalities not available with any other technology.  For example, he described how they developed terahertz semiconductor laser sources based on efficient intra-cavity nonlinear frequency mixing in quantum cascade lasers.  He also discussed their ultrathin highly-nonlinear metasurfaces that can provide broadband focal-plane frequency up- and down-conversion in the near-mid-far-infrared with only mW-level of optical pumping.  His talk attracted a broad interest across the school and generated many discussions.

Prof. Mikail Belkin (3rd from right) with chapter officers and Prof. Yuri Kivshar after the lecture.
Prof. Belkin on a tour of our laboratories.


Prof. Mikail Belkin and Prof. Roland Schiek, visiting from Regensburg, at lunch with the OSA officers.
Prof. Belkin with Prof. Dragomir Neshev, Prof. Schiek and some of the doctoral students from the Nonlinear Physics Centre having dinner at The Fellows Bar.

  The OSA Traveling Lecturer Program provides funding for OSA Student Chapters and Local Sections to host a guest speaker annually. More information of this program can be found at: http://www.osa.org/en-us/get_involved/traveling_lecturer_program/

More information on Prof. Belkin can be found at: http://www.ece.utexas.edu/~mbelkin


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