Prof. Christodoulides and A/Prof. Khajavikhan: SPIE 2017 visiting lectures

On Dec. 14  Prof. Christodoulides and A/Prof. Khajavikhan from CREOL, University of Central Florida, were kind enough to give the SPIE visiting lectures for 2017.  This event was organised by the ANU SPIE student chapter.

Prof. Christodoulides gave a highly exciting lecture on two topics: Parity-Time Symmetry in Optics and Photonics and Airy beams.


Prof. Christodoulides giving the first lecture


After a short afternoon tea, A/Prof.  Khajavikhan then gave a fascinating lecture on Coherence and Collective Properties of Metallic Nanolasers.

A/Prof. Khajavikhan giving the second lecure


After the lectures we also organized a special social event for the students visiting lecturers.


The SPIE visiting lecturer program is one of the  primary benefits of Membership in SPIE, which offers the opportunity to interact with world-class scientists and engineers at the leading edge of technological advances in optics and photonics.

More information about SPIE visiting lecturer program see the SPIE page on visiting lecturers.


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