Member recruit event and Student seminar

Firstly, please join us to congratulate Matthew Parry and Jingshi Yan. They are travelling to USA for SPIE and OSA conferences funded by student chapter. We appreciate your significant contribution with a small reward.


Our OSA-SPIE student chapter is gaining significant fame in Research School of Physics and Engineering. This chapter has organised several events under Photonics Vitality, such as workshops; outreach program; boot camp and seminars. These achievements are possible because of member’s involvement in the chapter. We hope to continue the good work and bring in more members. In regards, we had arranged member recruit event along with student seminar on 7th of March at Department of Quantum Science. In pursuit of recruiting members, Shridhar Manjunath presented a brief introduction about our chapter activities and benefits.


As part of student seminar, Matthew Parry presented his works on Metasurfaces for quantum applications. He explains it as, “Metasurfaces – From beam steering to infrared vision and quantum states”. With his brilliant talk Matthew shared his research ideas with researchers of DQS. Hopefully this results in fruitful research collaborations for him. With this event, our chapter gained significant attention of students from DQS. Also, we provided lunch and drinks for all the attendees.

Reporting to you -Shridhar Manjunath



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