Welcome to the official website of the OSA and SPIE student chapters of the Australian National University (ANU)!

OSA stands for the Optical Society of America, and SPIE is the International Society of Optics and Photonics. Our student chapters are managed by student members of these two societies in ANU.

Chapter member benefits. With supports from OSA and SPIE, we are dedicated to benefit our student members through a variety of activities, such as network events with fellow optical physicists. We are dedicated to supporting our members with academic studies, power their researches and skills for future career in optics and photonics.

Outreach activities. We are also warmly involved with community and youth education outreach to provide both a service to the community and work to disseminate the knowledge of optics and photonics to a broader range.

More information about OSA student chapters and SPIE student chapters can be found at the societies websites.


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